Laminating and Coating
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Laminating and Coating


In the area of coating technology, we use slit-die technology for coating textile tapes with hot-melt adhesives (viscosities up to 50,000 mPa) of all kinds.

We have systems and devices at our disposal to further process all kinds of material (leather, woven fabrics, knits) into trims and piping or alternatively to adapt to suit our customers’ requirements. We can process all kinds of bonding substances both in granulate form and in block form.


Circular-knitted/warp-knitted/woven fabrics and other backing substrates are made into products that can be used in technical areas with individual laminating processes. 

Depending on the intended use and strain, our laminators and systems are adjusted to suit individual customer requirements so that the required characteristics of the end product are provided and an effective process can be ensured.

Laminations made of Polyolefins, CoPES, CoPA and derivatives are used – generally all polymers that can be processed thermoplastically.

To ensure perfect results, it is crucial to choose the perfect backing material together with the right adhesive. Our customers benefit from the extensive and proven expertise of our specialists.


Shapes can be die-cut/punched from all kinds of materials at various weights using specially produced knives to perfectly suit customer specifications.


We process our products on sewing machines with all familiar stitch types with one- or multi-needle designs to prepare them perfectly for integration in our customers’ manufacturing processes. Automatic bartackers are used to make 2-D stitch diagrams, e.g. for special bar tacks.


Automatic shearers are available for processing loop plush fabrics to make velour. A precisely manufactured pile height is of great important particularly in the area of textile edge protection for sealing systems to avoid pressure marks and to guarantee a consistent closing force in the vehicle.


We have various cutting systems at our disposal to further process textiles, leathers and synthetic products, such as ultrasonic slitting apparatus, automatic cutting machines and squeezing apparatus.

Cutting to length

Cutting to precise lengths (hot and cold) for all kinds of different uses is of course part of the service.