Retention strap

With vehicles which do not have a back panel behind the seats the metal structure is free and in the event of a crash loads can shoot through the seat and injure the passengers.

The mission is to find a special arrester for loads:

-        It must be very light and slim
-        It must be possible to incorporate it into the metal structure
-        It must withstand a very great force without tearing (UTS > 900 N) and it must not damage the fabric.

The very robust fabric tape is cut to length, perforated, affixed with a metal bracket, which is then sewn into the turned over flap of the tape.


  • Vehicle seats
  • Protection from loads

Technical Details

Retention strapAttributeUnitSpecificationTest method
1.Information about the material
1.1Material composition100 % PES
2.1Widthmm± 1,5DIN EN 1773
3.Material test results
3.1Weight per unit lengthg/m20,5 ± 2,5DIN EN 12 127
3.2Warp thread density1/cm≥ 10DIN EN 1049-2
3.3Weft thread density1/cm≥ 8DIN EN 1049-2
3.4UTSN≥ 900GMW 3010.2005-9
3.5UTS - ElongationUTS≤ 30GMW 3010.2005-9
3.6HardnessShore A≥ 60GME 60252 (Shore A), 1976-03
3.7Flammability testingmm/min≤ 100DIN 75200