Airbag ribbon

The mission is to find a very thin tape with specific characteristics:

-        No impression may be left behind
-        labelling for documentation, batch identification and certification process
-        low elasticity
-        high strength
-        low coefficient of friction
-        water-resistant imprint
-        low flammability
-        fastness e.g. against water, chemicals etc.

The tape passes fully automatically through several production and finalization stages at the same time. The tape has the production month printed on it on both sides, is cut off to length hot, is notched and hemmed.


  • Airbag

Technical Details

Airbag ribbonAttributeUnitSpecificationTest method
1.Information about the material
1.1FabricHigh-strength PES
2.1Widthmm15 ± 1DIN EN 1773
2.2Thicknessmm0,8 ± 0,1DIN EN ISO 5084
3.Materials test results
3.1Weight per lengthg/m6,6 ± 0,5DIN EN 12 127
3.2Warp thread densityKF/cm40 ± 2DIN EN 1049-2
3.3Weft thread densitySF/cm10 ± 2DIN EN 1049-2
3.4UTSUTS≥ 1500DIN EN ISO 13934-1
3.5Elongation at UTS%≤ 40DIN EN ISO 13934-1
3.6Seam strengthN≥ 150similar to DIN EN ISO 13934-1
3.7Dimensional change 1h/90°%0DIN EN ISO 3759
3.8Flammability testingmm/minA/ADIN 75200