Highly-elastic special textiles intended for use in covering variable seat components such as ICS (integrated child seats) must generally be as fine as possible, due to the limited available space, while nevertheless achieving a high level of elasticity despite the long-term stress to which they are subjected. In the event of a strong force resulting from the mechanics and/or pneumatics of adjustable seating systems, these textiles must be able to return to their original position when no load is applied.

Furthermore, these textiles must blend in with our customers’ interior design. This is primarily achieved through the use of colours corresponding to the customers’ specifications.

As our customers’ interior design requirements become increasingly demanding, our specialists are constantly called on to develop additional new applications. Our basic elastic materials are therefore lined with various elastic backing materials, for example in the sandwich procedure, in order to ensure high elasticity values as well as form stability and resistance to wear.


  • Variable seat components

Technical Details

Textile thicknessd11.3
Lengthwise elasticity> 75%
Transverse elasticity> 75%
Residual stretch< 10%
Colour / designCustomer specification
FeaturesParts pre-assembled to customer specifications