Knitted hoses

The STRÄHLE+HESS seat attachment systems satisfy present-day customer requirements in several respects: the knitted and/or textile hose straps ensure simple production processes (continuous processing) and a high degree of automation. The number of different parts required is low, offering a high level of production flexibility and availability. This gives rise to clear cost advantages. Above all, however, the appropriate combination of knitted and textile hose straps means that every possible seat geometry and upholstery comfort imaginable (from soft to very taut) can be achieved:

Knitted hose straps offer a high degree of transverse elasticity and good lengthwise stability.


  • Seat attachment (general)
  • Seat attachment (special)

Technical Details

Knitted hose strapsFromToIncrementsUnit
Textile thicknessd10.530.5mm
Lengthwise stretch< 1%
Tensile force> 50 N, as per width
Colour / designPlain white, customer specification
FeaturesVery good transverse elasticity