Raschel tapes

Knitted Raschel tapes demonstrate lengthwise and transverse stability and are very resistant to bending. They are therefore ideal for noise dampening measures on level surfaces. Depending on the manufacturing, they have firm edges and are only a few tenths of a millimetre high which means they are primarily used in “non-visible” areas. Raschel tapes can be fitted with all types of bonding system.


  • Pillars
  • Boot trim
  • Noise and vibration damping

Technical Details

Raschel tapeFromToIncrementsUnit
Textile thicknessd10.5+/- 0.1mm
Adhesive thicknessd20.3+/- 0.1mm
Lengthwise elongation< 1%
Tensile force> 50 N, as per width
Colour / designCustomer specification
FeaturesLow lengthwise elongation