Flat tapes

Gaps and joints between adjoining components can be masked attractively with the additional advantage of reducing noise (rattling) by using application-oriented textile tapes with different surfaces and an integrated interior (e.g. core made from foam rubber) which blend perfectly into our customers’ interior designs.

Different areas of use

Flat tapes are mainly used to cover gaps in the pillar area. They are manufactured in a similar way to piping. As the flat tapes are not sewn in the vehicle but glued, they are glue-laminated at the rim. Flat tapes are made as broadcloth.


  • Pillars
  • Dashboard
  • Noise reduction
  • Vibration damping
  • Gap bridging

Technical Details

Flat tapeFromToIncrementsUnit
Total heighth10501mm
Textile thicknessb1>
Ø cored11101mm
Ø beadingd23142mm
Adhesive thicknessb20.10.40.01mm
Colour / designCustomer specification
FeaturesSelf-adhesive, tailored

Technical Illustration