Bridle tapes

Bridle tapes are used for contour stabilisation and length fixation of elastic materials in the seam area. Bridle tapes are also used when processing leather covers in order to achieve an even gathering i.e. on arches and curves. Bridle tapes increase the resilience of seams, facilitate material processing and ensure an even seam pattern.


  • Seat seams: double lap seams, gathered look
  • Elastic moulded parts
  • Seam protection
  • Gather aid
  • Contour fixation

Technical Details

Bridle tapeFromToIncrementsUnit
Textile thicknessd10.510.5mm
Lengthwise stretch< 1%
Tensile force> 50 N, as per width
Colour / designPlain white, black
FeaturesTransverse colour marking possible

Technical Illustration