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Individuality counts

In the field of automotive textiles, development is characterised by extraordinarily high dynamics. Automotive textiles serve the dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality. They protect columns and cover components, they are cut to a high degree of precision and are highly flame-retardant, heat-resistant and colour-fast.

Staying ahead through expert implementation

STRÄHLE+HESS boasts a high level of expertise in developing the vehicle textiles of the future. Identifying trends in good time and incorporating them in series products requires fresh ideas and considerable experience. By integrating suppliers into the supply chain at an early stage and implementing transparent processes, we ensure the constant optimisation of our production.

Noise absorption

Zero tolerance of noises and gaps! Superior quality is a question of tenths of millimetres!

Rattling, squeaking, creaking. In the passenger compartment alone there are numerous interfaces with adjoining parts made of a wide range of materials which can both cause material-related noises and give rise to gaps resulting from component tolerances.
For such interface problems confronting our customers, STRÄHLE+HESS boasts a wide range of problem-solving concepts:
depending on the application and ensuring that the products match the interior design (appropriate colour and surface), we differentiate between product solutions aimed at compensating for gaps and product solutions designed to eliminate noise.

Flat tapes Plush tubing Die-cut parts Knitted tapes Raschel tapes Knitted hose
Special elastic textiles

Always in good shape – taut and free from creases thanks to highly-elastic textiles!

The design of integrated child seats or the production of flexible adjustment mechanisms for pneumatic seats can give rise to gaps of different widths.

STRÄHLE+HESS provides special elastic textiles, either off the roll or pre-cut, for a wide range of applications ensuring that gaps are covered without creating so much as a crease. These textiles have excellent lengthwise and transverse stretch properties as well as high and long-lasting recovery forces while offering a perfect colour match with the adjacent materials.
Furthermore, the very good elasticity values mean that very little space is required.

Customer-specific solutions

From the problem to the solution. There are often many ways, but only one is the best.

In principle, there are two types of cooperation with our customers: product-oriented and solution-oriented. In product-oriented cooperation, the customer generally knows exactly what he needs. In many cases, it is a case of products which have proven themselves with our customers (tier 1/OEM) over a number of years and are already specified.

Solution-oriented cooperation is based on the customer’s description of a problem. STRÄHLE+HESS is expected to develop the best possible solution, for the most part independently, calling on its own experience and creativity. Such customer-specific solutions relate to a wide range of areas in the vehicle interior as well as the vehicle exterior. Irrespective of whether they use knitted Teflon or glass fibre threads, EPDM-lined textiles or integrated wire cores, creativity is given free rein when finding a solution. What can we do for you?

PTFE hose Airbag ribbon Retention strap Piping Core Bridle tapes Fabric-covered EPDM
Seat attachment systems

Firmly attached and secured. As you sit, so you travel!

Tight-fitting and ergonomically-shaped seats are part and parcel of modern equipment standards. On the one hand, they offer the driver that essential close contact with his vehicle and thus an increased sense of security while on the other they contribute to driving comfort by means of good lateral support and attractive upholstery.

Woven or knitted hose straps from STRÄHLE+HESS tailored to individual customer needs (cut into lengths, endless) with integrated metal wire cores and recesses as well as positioning guides for sewing and upholstering offer our customers a simple and flexible sewing and upholstering process within a carefully designed seat concept (seating comfort).

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