Surface design (foam-/non-woven backing/ PVC-free)

Developing a decorative element suitable for mass production using the pressure injection technique (e.g. “one-shot process”) for roofs and rear shelf or back-injection moulding for column trim requires the development and coordination of the different elements from the décor (binding, thread, fittings) through the foam, non-woven or film to the lamination and adhesive techniques in the processes used by the customer (see also the Technologies / Processing section). Continued progress relating to these processes requires that we constantly develop and adapt our products to ensure that the finished product (rear shelf, column) retains the required visual and haptic characteristics while cost-related aspects are also taken into consideration.

In light of the future demands of the automobile industry, STRÄHLE+HESS has worked closely with development partners and customers calling on its core technologies to develop PVC-free coatings for subsequent processing using conventional HF welding processes. In addition to numerous process, cost and quality advantages, the amount of PVC used in the vehicle can be reduced even further.


  • Headliners
  • Head restraints
  • Rear shelf
  • Pillars
  • Sun visor