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The difference that is clear to see

The appearance and feel of the products used give rise to very individual car interiors. The surfaces create appealing designs. Colours combine harmoniously, lending different car interiors a sporty feel or a touch of timeless elegance. Design means distinction.

The STRÄHLE+HESS design studio

Sophisticated interiors emphasise the individuality of cars.
The visual design knows no boundaries. In the STRÄHLE+HESS design studio, we work with different materials and textile surfaces. 

Regular design collections and design studies offer the manufacturers’ specialists assistance in the field of interior design. 

Surface specialities

Sheer brilliance. The realisation of unusual ideas is all about the right partner.

STRÄHLE+HESS has become a leader in the field of textile surface specialities, in particular through strategic partnerships both with customers and suppliers.

Our particular specialities in the field of textile surfaces and décor currently include textiles for door, sunroof and boot sealing systems as well as trims offering a high-quality effect as part of an attractive interior concept.

Piping / trims Edge protection tapes
Surface linings/trims

Hear, see, feel – your senses travel with you. A feeling of well-being as a result of a well-thought-out design.

STRÄHLE+HESS offers moulded parts intended for use as linings or trims in a wide range of surface designs using specialised processes.

These designs include pillar panels with non-woven backing, rear shelves and head restraints with foam backing.

STRÄHLE+HESS works in close cooperation with its customers with regard to cost-conscious implementation while constantly developing new designs, independent of customer orders, on the basis of current trend analyses.

Surface design