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Always thinking outside the box

STRÄHLE+HESS is a trendsetter in the fields of design, technology and functionality. Together with our customers, we develop innovative solutions intended to enhance entire vehicle interiors both visually and functionally.
To us, innovation means unceasingly seeking new solutions to improve products and production processes.
To us, innovation means investing in the future.
That requires creativity, the ability to think outside the box and to take unusual routes. It also requires considerable experience, a sharpened sense of reality and perseverance so that new ideas can prove their worth in practice. Innovative textile products and production processes contribute to making vehicles safer and more comfortable – a genuine experience.

Annual collections and vehicle studies

With annual collections of innovative surfaces, it is our aim to show the manufacturers’ designers functional and aesthetic innovations which serve to distinguish their vehicles.
The regular presentation of vehicle studies (“show cars”) combines numerous ideas, showing customers what is currently on offer.
The products are developed in close cooperation with the project managers.

STRÄHLE+HESS innovations roadmap

- Textile-covered door seal and sunroof surround
- Clip-on door piping
- Safety-related textiles, e.g. airbag tear strip, protection strap
  (protection against stowed items)


Materialica Design Award