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Creative in design - competent in processes and products

In this fast-paced world core competencies – the ability to call on experience and in-depth expertise to create top-quality products – are more than ever the decisive factor in corporate success.
The development of our competencies is therefore a crucial element in the self-conception of STRÄHLE+HESS.


Focus on technical textiles

Whatever you do, you must do well! That is why we focus exclusively on technical textiles for car interiors. A well-balanced blend of design ideas and their professional implementation ensures that our partners are satisfied customers. To ease the pressure of costs, we understand innovations not merely in the technical sense of the word but also with regard to improving the production and quality processes. Our end customers can both see and feel our visible products, something that makes a considerable contribution to differentiating the brand. New test procedures reduce the development steps significantly all the way up to series production.

STRÄHLE+HESS competencies

- Soundly-managed, medium-sized family-friendly company.
- Constructive and future-oriented working atmosphere.
- Project managers with extensive project and customer experience.

Continuous training

- Support and challenge as an element of the corporate culture.
- Internal and external training.
- Internal talent management.
- Commercial and technical vocational training and “dual university studies” (German system of combined vocational training and degree programme).
- Transfer of know-how through regular posting of employees to other locations including abroad.